Make Change

As well as giving change, we invite you to be part of making change. It feels good! Here are some quick actions to get you started:

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

Email the Premier and ask her for a Poverty Reduction Plan for BC

Email the Premier and then explore the many resources and opportunities to call for a poverty reduction plan on the BCPRC website.

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Child Care Advocates of BC



Sign the Petition Endorsing the $10aDay Child Care Plan

Sign the online petition or Text "SIGN" to 604-670-4911.

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Raise the Rates



Sign up to Take Action with Raise the Rates' We Can't Afford Poverty Campaign

Visit the We Can't Afford Poverty website to learn the many different ways you can take action and then sign up with the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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First Call BC



Email the Premier to tell her to take action to reduce child poverty in BC!

Read First Call's 2016 BC Child Poverty Report Card and then email the Premier to tell her to take action.

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 Single Mothers' Alliance  

Contribute to Planning Single Mothers' Alliance's All-Candidates Debate

Contribute skills, time and expertise to the Planning Committee for the SMA all-candidates community debate on gender inequality in BC prior to our provincial election on April 1st. We need all the help we can get, thank you. Email Desaraigh at to get involved.

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Read and Share Canada Without Poverty's Human Rights Guide

Read Canada Without Poverty's Human Rights and Poverty Strategies, A Guide to International Human Rights Law and its Domestic Application in Poverty Reduction Strategies and then share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. 

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